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Pocket Atlas of Endodontics

Endodontology has seen enormous advances in recent years. New high-tech tools, such as operative microscopes in combination with ultrasound and nickel-titanium files, make possible a high-level of quality in treatment with excellent long-term treatment results. Regular updating of knowledge is indispensable for every practitioner. This book provides a fast and up-to-date orientation of the entire area of endodontology.
Didactic concept: The classic Thieme Flexi format, with concise text on the left and excellent illustrations on the right hand page of more than 150 double page spreads.

Color atlas of endodontics JOHNSON

Color Atlas of Endodontics is a comprehensive resource that presents all aspects of endodontics, both surgical and nonsurgical. The very latest materials and methods used in providing endodontic treatment are explained thoroughly and effectively in the text and are highlighted visually through the generous use of illustrations, many in full-color. Key topics include diagnosis, access, working length determination, instrumentation, obturation, retreatment of failed nonsurgical cases, flap design, root-end resection, root end filling, post and core techniques, and core placement. Due to increased demand for endodontic treatment as a method for retaining teeth that would otherwise be extracted, general practitioners and endodontists are faced with not only the increased need, but more difficult cases. The specialty of endodontics is unique among the dental specialities requiring the successful clinician to integrate knowledge of many areas, including anatomy and 
morphology, histopathology, pharmacology, and microbiology. 

Cohen Pathways of the Pulp 9th edition

Completely updated to keep you absolutely current, this comprehensice reference remains the
 definitive text for practicing endodontists and general dentists. The nith edition offers a superb new full-color design and integrates the latest evidence-based research for clinical treatments. It includes coverage of the latest devices and techniques, including endodontic instrumentation, obturation, and surgical and retreatment procedures. Providing the latest in treating endodontic infections and pain and establising differental diagnoses, this is a one-stop resource!